Black mother and baby waterbirth

Written by Czarina Bowers

Czarina is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), and Infant Development Parent Coach. She is also our head techie and web doula and she is the proud parent of two fairly terrific children.

June 9, 2020

For at least two years we’ve been dreaming of adding a blog to our website. The pandemic closed down the world and we finally had some time to tinker around. And we were so close. And then Breonna Taylor was killed in her sleep. And George Floyd was murdered before our eyes.

And you know what? Fuck our stupid blogs. This is not the time to talk about what to pack in your bag or how to craft a birth plan. Fuck the page clicks and the SEO. Fuck not saying anything because of trying to say the right thing. It’s not time for white silence. It’s time to take accountability for the world we want to bring our babies into.

We are Doulas and we are parents too. And when George Floyd called out to his mama, he called out to all parents. We know that call like all parents know that call. That call that brings us to our knees – when we would do anything to take away the suffering of our children. And he called out that day as he was murdered in the street.

Because of racism. Because of police brutality. Because of a fucked-up, broken-ass system.

No, I won’t watch my tongue. No, I won’t let you tone police me. I’m angry. We are angry. And it’s about damn time we all started to speak up.

We became doulas, in part, to say fuck the system. Fuck the abuse, the trauma, the oppression. And to advocate for birthing people and help to prevent violations of human rights in childbirth. Because we know that birthing people aren’t being told their options. They aren’t  getting informed consent. They aren’t getting respectful care.

Especially Black people, who, because of our broken system are three times more likely to die in childbirth. Who are more likely to have their sweet babies die in the first year. They aren’t listened to. They aren’t treated with respect in labor. They aren’t offered pain medications. They aren’t treated like whole complex living breathing feeling loving human beings.

We are fucking done. So welcome to our fucking blog. Its not always going to be so angry. But today, we’re not holding back. We’re telling it like it is because we are going to work. We’re going to work on ourselves and we’re going to fight racism. We will work every damn day to be anti-racist. To listen. To witness. To hold space. And to do our best to keep Black birthing people and their babies alive. Because BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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