Lately, unless people go into labor before their EDD, induction is the chef’s favorite on the birth menu.

And here’s the fucked up thing. It’s never “just an induction”. It always sounds like something scary could be happening.

It’s almost like watching a game show at this point.

The pregnant person has a doctors appointment. Goes to appointment. Which door will be chosen?

Door Number 1: Advanced Maternal Age

Door Number 2: Old Placenta

Door Number 3: Big Baby!

Door Number 4: Low Amniotic Fluid

Door Number 5: Because you are pregnant.  

Announcer: “Now there, Pregnant Person. I’m sure everything will be fine. On the safe side let’s get this labor started though.”

Pregnant Person: “But, I don’t want to be induced. Can you please explain my options?”

Announcer: “Well. It’s your choice. But. Stillbirth. You love your baby right?”

Now listen – there are times when inductions are helpful. 100%. And there are times where it’s complete bullshit.

I love Sophie Messager’s take and agree with her 100% (her blog is linked above: Door Number 2)

“I want to clarify one thing before we start: I am NOT anti induction, when it is justified by solid medical evidence and when a [person] weighs up the evidence and decides that the risk of continuing the pregnancy is higher than the risk of inducing labour.” – Sophie Messager

There are risks to induction. Make no bones about it. And it does not guarantee a damned thing. It’s hard work, it’s exhausting. And, it may not work. The kicker of that is once again women feel like a failure. LADIES – A “failed induction” means that your body was doing its job! It means your cervix stayed true to the end and wouldn’t open for just any old reason.

Your cervix has some class. It doesn’t just open like a Two Dollar Whore.

And you are not a failure.

I digress in my rantyness.

I just miss the regular old pregnancy angst of “when will my baby be here”, the normal crazy of waiting and anticipation. I am heartbroken with the damage control over the casual induction talk and parents now wondering if they are placing their babies in danger, and still being told “it’s your choice” and wondering when their babies are going to be born. These poor new parents. They aren’t getting any opportunity to learn about trust and faith in their babies or themselves.

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