Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose CA

Written by Abby Larsen

September 19, 2020


I got to attend a birth the other night. That doesn’t sound super exciting to most of you, after all, I am a doula. It’s what I do. But like countless other industries that were affected by the novel coronavirus and its subsequent disease, COVID 19, the birth community was shook and we were unable to join our clients in the hospital after March 7th 2020. As professional birth support, we are considered essential employees. However because we aren’t employed by the hospital directly, there was a loophole. We are considered “visitors,” and “visitors” were only allowed one at a time. I am honestly not here to talk about all of that. Everyone knows that everyone else has been affected negatively from our current circumstances.

It is easy to stew.

It is easy to focus on the negative.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the big picture right now.

It’s easy to talk shit about how much we hate zoom.

But going to the hospital brought it all back for me. This is why we do this. It’s why we switched to zoom for classes, it’s why we have numerous support package options when we used to just have one.

Even amidst so much darkness right now, and so many restrictions, we are able to help families grow. We offer comfort through anxiety and support through and after any fear. We do everything we can to get families ready to birth in these weird times. If we feel like the world outside of their room is crumbling down, it’s our job to make them feel as though even if only for a few hours, that world is so far away.

This isn’t our longest blog, but it feels like a warm day at the park. It feels comforting to say these things and know the clouds may be parting. It felt healing to take part in that birth and to know, we would be saying “yes I will be there shortly” to so many more families.

There are going to be new rules. They aren’t going anywhere. But if there is anything you learn after coaching people on labor and delivery for any period of time- adaptability is key. I can say with confidence that we will continue to adapt our business platform to meet the needs of our families where they are, as much as possible. I am just so grateful that once again includes actually being there with them.

So thank you Good Sam. It’s beautiful to be back. It’s healing. It’s warm slippers in the winter. It’s sunshine on your face when you arise from your tent on a summer camping trip. It’s rain after a long drought. It is so many things.

P.S. Get your construction under control, goddamn. It’s also like a goddamn labyrinth.

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